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LD7 is a bridge-builder between large established corporations and small innovative market entrants, it is a great pleasure for us to join the EUTEC Chamber family. LD7 accompany and lead companies through their digital transformation to develop and launch sustainable business models and to find answers to their clients’ most critical key industry challenges. EUTEC is looking forward to the path with LD7 and to make positive impact in the world.

Ad Rem NV

Ad Rem is a Belgium based joint venture of Group Galloo, one of Europe’s leading recycling companies of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and Valtech, a holding containing 15 niche market engineering and construction companies that are mainly active in, or closely connected to the recycling industry. Based on the technological experiences of Group Galloo, Ad Rem has developed a range of equipment for the separation of shredder residues (shredder heavy fraction, and shredder light fraction) in non-ferrous metals, RDF, plastics… Our technology can also be used to treat WEEE residues, incineration metals etc. The heart of the process consists of a patented dense medium separation system (sink – float), but our total installations include feeders, screens, air separation equipment, water treatment and much more. Ad Rem can offer complete PST (Post Shredder Technology) lines that can handle up to 40 tons per hour turnkey. Ad Rem technology is the most competitive way to go if you want to treat shredder residues like ASR, WEEE, etc... in large quantities. The extra recovery of 2 to 4% metals, but also the separation of the organics inside the shredder residues to create a low chlorine fuel, and the separation of the plastic fractions, ensure a percentage of recovery that will be higher than any other equipment or technology. Our Mission: Providing solutions to improve resource recovery from shredder waste worldwide. Leading through technological innovation. Our Vision: Reinforcing our position in the global recycling market through technological (r)evolution. Offering long-term, high quality solutions.

NetPoints Limited

NetPoints Limited is a distributed utility company that provides clean energy solutions tailored towards energy reliability in Nigeria. Our solar energy solutions empower businesses and rural customers through the design, sale and installation of affordable and reliable distributed energy systems. Our target business verticals includes but are not limited to healthcare, education, ICT, internet technology, agribusiness and micro businesses that are driving impact and producing positive economic outcomes in the rural or local economies.


Convinced that solar energy can be a lever for the economic and social development of Burkina Faso Energy & Services sets up a range of applications, then works in solar energy applied to agriculture with solar pumping solutions for irrigation.She offers reliable and durable submerged, surface and swimming pool pumping systems and supports households and SMEs in the realization of solar installations thanks to applied solar energy solutions electrification in isolated sites in back up or in mini power plant.


The European Technology Chamber is a registered non-profit organisation, which enables European businesses to use their technologies for the benefit of Europe and mankind. Being true to our vision “Technology Obliges“

ByteConsult GmbH

Innovate | Integrate | Activate For over two decades ByteConsult is supporting companies and municipalities in their digital transformation and opens up paths to the networked ecosystems of the future. Our customers include top brands, hidden champions, but also cities and municipalities. We call our mission RESULTING. We translate inspiring visions and innovative ideas into clear and ambitious goals, which we make transparently measurable using standardized models and tools. Effect control is always part of our services. We ensure sustainable success. To do this, we enable people and organizations to independently ensure their long-term success. We build the necessary technical and organizational infrastructures as well as skills and competencies in a targeted manner and ensure intrinsic motivation. To activate strategic business goals with the maximum power of digital transformation, we develop and operationalize strategies, integrate digital systems and processes, and change ways of thinking and working. In order to provide our customers with services of highest quality, we focus on areas of activity in which our teams of experts contribute their extensive skills. In this way, in conjunction with strong cooperation partners, we can position highly qualified top performers across the entire range of digitization of marketing and sales. Welcome, to the Resulting Company!

Mattner Enigneers & Advisers

Mattner Engineers & Advisers was founded by Bernd Mattner, entrepreneur, advisor, and engineer with more than 30 years of business experience in the automotive, aerospace and industrial area. As a board member of the EUTEC Mobility Council and the Global Partners Bayern Association he is involved in project-oriented internationalization with a focus on affordable, sustainable and smart mobility. In the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Bernd supports the advancement of Systems Engineering for organizations and individuals to improve the capabilities to handle complexity. Bernd founded his first company in the mid 1990’s and was engaged in several national and international aircraft projects as engineer, project manger and team leader. He took on various roles in industrial companies and SMEs in product development, business development and department leadership. Since 2020 Bernd Mattner is engaged by the AUTOSAR partnership to support establishing AUTOSAR as the global standard for software and methodology enabling scalable E/E system architectures for future intelligent mobility supporting high levels of dependability, especially safety and security. He is convinced that we will meet global challenges only by collaborating together.

SGSolution AG

Swiss leading digital manufacturing solution provider since 2008. The company SGSolution AG represents the HP 3D Printing Technologie in Switzerland.

Clear Walter GmbH

Clear Walter is an innovative and globally operating technology company, located in Germany, which is focused on investing into technologies used in the automotive industry as well as providing solutions for companies which are offering thermal management products across different industries (e.g. automotive & e-mobility, residential & commercial HVAC). Clear Walter has a high degree of expertise in the developing, designing and manufacturing innovative and highly efficient automation technologies used in automation assembly process for components used for the thermal management of battery cells in order to ensure full performance and the required service life. With the surge of the powertrain electrification, electrical energy storage and the thermal management are increasingly becoming key technologies of the drive concept. Besides the focus on the automotive industry Clear Walter is providing automation technologies for the production of industrial cooling equipment, e.g. heating, ventilating and air conditioning solutions in buildings or industrial refrigeration applications for commercial customers. A healthy climate and clean environment drives us Clear Walter understands the short-term urgency and long-term challenge of climate change. We, as part of society, would like to contribute to positive changes which are conducive to the improvement of the climate and environment. Clear Walter considers the 50% reduction of carbon emissions by 2030 as well as the long-term ‘zero emission’ plan by 2050 as both achievable and challenging goals. We would like to build our business in such a way that we are a part of the positive changes contributing to making our planet a better place to live.

Mind Bank Ai

I would like to present to you the future. A platform that will change humanity because the next personal computer - is you. Mind Bank Ai is a platform that solves humanity's personal development and ageing challenge by creating a personal digital twin of your knowledge using a simple chat interface and structured learning algorithms. The digital twin learns by asking many questions while giving the user valuable insights into their personality along the way and achieving immortality through data.

Additive Minds Academy by EOS GmbH

Additive Minds Academy is the training provider of EOS. It was founded in 2020 to develop innovative learning formats and impart application-oriented know-how about industrial 3D printing in the most effective way. We offer online learning modules and comprehensive learning paths that prepare for various roles in additive manufacturing - from machine operator to application specialist to production manager. Customers receive support for onboarding new employees, as well as further training. At the Additive Minds Academy, we are constantly looking for the best learning methods to build up and transfer additive manufacturing knowledge so people can find solutions for a sustainable and humane future.

Beyond Form

Beyond Form is a venture studio building impact-driven fashion technologies. We believe that the future of the fashion industry requires a more sustainable and innovative approach. To solve this, we partner with changemaking founders & corporates to build, fund, and scale fashion tech startups worldwide. Based inside our fashion tech lab in Paris, we work across the entire fashion value chain to uncover challenges that can be solved by disruptive technologies. Challenges dealt with include over-production & consumption, unused products and fragmented supply chains, which are all major issues for brands and consumers alike. We are building B2B and B2C companies that vary from digital & 3D fashion solutions, AI powered analytics, through to end-of-life & re-commerce platforms. High impact-potential is a core value and a must for every startup that we spin out. Beyond Form’s approach is operationally hands-on with every startup team by plugging them into our existing resources, ecosystem and fashion industry know-how that can’t be found elsewhere. This focus allows us to bring solutions to market at speed and with agility, which provides founders and corporates a non-traditional method of starting up. Thus, de-risking innovation whilst building bigger value and better returns for our stakeholders.

Viking Wind ApS

HSWind / Viking Wind was founded in 2009. From the foundation in April 2009 until the type approval of the turbine in May 2011, the turbine was reliability tested with success according to IEC61400-2. HSWind was rebranded to Viking Wind in 2017 as it was decided that focus should be on export markets. All employees at Viking Wind ApS are of high professional level with a long career in the wind energy industry such as Vestas, Siemens and Suzlon.

Effective Improvement- Efi Ben Artzy

Efi was born in 1979 in Israel. He has been working both as a manager and as a consultant in various companies in Israel, Europe, and the US. Efi has a diverse background in companies’ excellence in various industries (Manufacturing, Services, High-tech, Healthcare, Startups, Etc..). He has been leading operational and business transformations to improve companies’ value to customers; Improving customer experience and success by implementing top-notch processes and better products. Efi is improving complex global operations and developing leaders and managers to achieve business growth. Among others, Efi is a mentor at Google for Startups and other startups accelerators, and working with Fintech, HR, Marketing, Gaming, Services, and Impact startups to achieve innovation and better product development. He is performing a vast pro-bono activity, trying to help entrepreneurs all over the world to become successful with their company’s- startups from Europe united states, the far east, and Africa. Efi is also teaching young teenagers and kids how to develop innovative ideas and fulfill them in the real world. Efi is also a guest lecturer in SWPS and collegium Da Vinci in Poland, teaching lean management, lean startups, and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, he also established 3 companies of his own. He holds M.A in history and political science from TAU, he is a certified lean management coach, and holds a certification in management and leadership from Wharton School in Pennsylvania.

CR Advisory

CR Advisory is a leading advisory firm delivering independent, strategic and financial advice to growth stage technology companies. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients engaging in the consideration, preparation and execution of capital raising activities.


Stratesys is a multinational company specialized in digital services and one of the biggest specialists in SAP and OpenText technologies. Its offices and expert centers offer service to all the countries and markets in which it operates. Stratesys is internationally present in several countries and locations of Europe and specially Latin America, where the strategy will be focused in 2021-2023. STratesys holds multiple international experiences, executing projects and giving service to over 60 countries. The establishment of international partnership agreements with its strategic partners (SAP, OpenText, Salesforce, Microsoft, etc.) confirms its condition as global specialists and reference technological partner to accompany its clients in their internationalization processes. Stratesys has a valuable experience in multiple industries, such as telecommunications, energy, construction, consumer goods, retail, chemical, life sciences, banking, healthcare, insurance… To whom offer innovative solutions, always adapted to the specific requirements of each sector, as well as a high level of specialization and professionalism of its work team. Its identity hallmarks are knowledge, innovation, specialization and quality and with these Stratesys helps its clients define, implement and evolve in their technological and digital strategies.

Asantys Systems GmbH

Asantys Systems is a 360° service provider for solar projects in Africa and Asia. As a solar EPC and system integrator we provide turnkey solutions and as act as a one-stop shop for all kind of solar projects like mini-grids, telecom, pumping, C&I, diesel-PV hybrid systems, etc. With more than 10 years experience in Africa we can serve our customers with experienced engineering, best pricing from high quality suppliers and additional services like project management, trainings, financing etc. Let us solarize your life!

Wirepas Oy

Bayern International GmbH

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