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New Ways Germany can Lead Through Technology: Blockchain

“The big megatrend “Blockchain” describes a decentralized technology which is primarily a large database in which all kinds of information can be stored with the huge advantage that only new entries are added and no old ones can be deleted. Not only financial transactions can be stored in the blockchain. In principle, the concept is suitable for contracts, accounting or for the management of digital goods.

But what is the potential of this innovative Technology for Individuals, Cities and Companies in Germany? Within our webinar of the EU Tech Chamber German Chapter on Tuesday, May 11th from 9.00 to 10.30 am CEST we will invite for a panel discussion on the topic “New Ways Germany can Lead Through Technology: Blockchain”. We are delighted to welcome Mr. Alexander Knauer, Managing Director of the German Company “TeleskopEffekt”. TeleskopEffekt is the innovative partner of the German project “WIR ! Blockchain Schaufensterregion Mittweida”, which aims to make the potential of the Blockchain technology tangible and secure the influence of German actors on emerging technological and societal, business model and organizational innovations.”


- Welcome Words

- Short Intro about the EU Tech Chambers Mission

- Keynote Speech

- Panel Discussion

- Q&A

May 11, 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM CET